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Limerick, Ireland
"Limerick born and bred, these fine young gentlemen have been making lots of noise (of a good kind) on the local club and DJ scene. Having debuted i...n ULSU’s very own Midweek Madness, these boys ooze raw talent in the form of rocking beats and no-nonsense boppin’ mixes! Dealing the craic out to the masses, in craic is what the boys trust! So prepare your ears as the CraicWhores and their party penguin serve up a musical buffet bound to please the masses!" - Pulse Magazine, February 2011.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Craicwhores Party Penguin!

We are proud to launch our new logo! Massive thanks to Kevin Sheahen and Fiona Malone for their great work, MASSIVE prop guys!

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