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"Limerick born and bred, these fine young gentlemen have been making lots of noise (of a good kind) on the local club and DJ scene. Having debuted i...n ULSU’s very own Midweek Madness, these boys ooze raw talent in the form of rocking beats and no-nonsense boppin’ mixes! Dealing the craic out to the masses, in craic is what the boys trust! So prepare your ears as the CraicWhores and their party penguin serve up a musical buffet bound to please the masses!" - Pulse Magazine, February 2011.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Link Fail *Sadface*

Because I so obviously sucked at actually putting in the link's into the last post here ye go again -

Des Foley Photography - http://desfoley.com/

Our August promo mix -



Oh, Herro!

I can honestly say I have try'd to update this blog before, but was rudely interrupted by several can's of Tuborg and a meeting with destiny so shizzle had to be put on hold.

Riiight we've been a little busy as of late otherwise and we seem to have deserted our Blog page, our sincerest, deepest apologies!

Well, where to start?

JD's over the summer was frickin men-tal! Awesome fun down at our gig's there with great crowd's all which rounded off with the "White Party to end all party's" sponsered by UK based energy drink, "Pussy" - http://www.pussydrinks.com/home.html

Mmmmm, pussy taste's good!


We know, cheesier than Oprah Winfrey's meatball Marinara at Subway!

Aaaanyways with a bus load of people from Limerick, a ridonculous night was had, some pictures for y'all!

People got a bit excited with the CW's stamp, LAWL!

Special thank you to Mr Des Foley for the fantastic pictures

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Just right about now we're in talks with a few venue's in Cork, Galway, Dublin and of course our Local Limerick who are interested in having us for gig's, don't all bite at one time, we love y'all very much! So I promise we'll get off our lazy ass and start posting them up.........

For now, here's an August Promo mix we did, enjoy and holla at us bitches!

- The Craicwhores

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Craicwhores are heading to the seaside

Alright bro's and jo's, we're making our long awaited return to the hallowed JD's Nightclub in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry this Friday the 1st of July.

Look forward to hearing our new set "Double Droppin' Beats" on the night.

The lovely people at JD's have 3e drinks on all night and only 5e in.

As always, pant's optional. This is gonna' be greeeeaaaaaaat!

See ye there bitches ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HEY! You there!

Peeps! If theres anyone mad enough to organise whopper of an end of term houseparty and are lookin for tuneage for the night, then hit us up bitches!

Want to make sure your end of term end's on a high? Well then, make sure the craic is dealt, we'll take care of that.

We will not be held responsible for the raising and loss of any rooves in the process that may result in loss of gaff deposits :P T&C's apply. This does not affect your statutory rights. Pants optional.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Can anybody say - Par......tay?

Lads & Ladies, Friends & Foes, we introduce to you FRESHERS BALL 2011!

Tickt all sold out within 6 hours, up to 1000 people.

This. Will. Be. Mental.

And of course, we will be there.

New set-up & new tunes for you to have the freshet night!

We shall see you there.


So anyways, this is pretty sweet

This just arrived today which we plan to use with Ableton

Notivation 25 LE

Many a late night with Ableton shall be had!